"I have had treatments and services done by others and things just feel completely different with you… I can just tell how much you really care…"


"I really trust in you and what you say."


"I have been working with Karen for approximately 10 months now. I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into. I knew I felt terrible most of the time with reflux, lack of energy, and so much more. I was a "smart" eater. Careful to portion my food and eat only the "good" foods. Karen was and is very reassuring and works at the pace where I am comfortable. I was deeply discouraged but Karen was an inspiration. Over these past months we have been taking a careful journey of discovery that was all about me. Karen has never pushed and if something was suggested and I thought it wasn't for me. We moved on to other options. Well surprise surprise - we discovered that chicken was a BIG culprit for me. And gluten. Avoiding these two things and healing my "gut" with Karen's guidance. I am down 30 pounds and my stomach issues are so much less. My energy is coming back and I am even beginning to sleep better. I know there is still more to do on this journey but I am confident that with Karen's guidance I will get there. I am deeply grateful and lucky to have Karen helping me. She is truly amazing."

-Chris R.

"You have so much integrity… and I really appreciate and thank you for that"


"The past few days my face has been looking so good. Super clear! It feels so good to finally have clear skin!"

-Monika M.